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Factory Outlet

The Brick Slip Company is the UK factory outlet for several of Europe’s top manufacturers.

Free Samples

Order the samples you need and we’ll refund their cost when you place your full order.

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All orders of 10m2 and over are delivered to your door for free.


Brick Slips and Brick Effect Tiles, UK

The Brick Slip Company are specialists in brick slips, brick tiles and all kinds of brick slip systems. We stock everything you need to create functional brick slip systems and cladding that looks elegant and realistic. Brick slips are a highly versatile and cost-effective way of creating a simple feature wall in a home as well as being suitable for cladding entire public buildings. We are trusted by homeowners and the construction and development industry across the UK

Factory Outlet

We are a UK-based outlet for several of Europe’s top brick manufacturers and have been supplying the UK wholesale market for many years. You’ll see our brick slips on walls in shops, homes, commercial buildings, and public sector buildings nationwide.

A1 Fire-Rated Brick Slip System

Our A1 Brickboard is a fire-rated brick slip carrier board that can be used as a rigid, non-flammable backer board for the vast majority of  of brick slips. These cement composite boards have channels pre-cut into the surface which simplifies the whole process of installing brick slips and makes a professional finish much easier to achieve.  

Free Samples

All our brick slips and brick effect tiles are available as a sample. You may want to test out a few different colour schemes before deciding to order a brick slip cladding system. 

Brick Slips

Brick slips are a quick and cost-effective way to add a modern or traditional brick finish to indoor and outdoor walls. When completed, a brick slip wall will look the same as a regular brick wall. We offer individually hand-made brick slips as well as machine-made brick tiles in a variety of finishes and textures. They are the perfect choice for façade projects of all sizes.

Brick Slip Tile Systems

Brick effect tiles are a lightweight alternative to traditional bricks and can be supplied individually or as part of a complete brick slip facade system. These systems offer flexibility and reduce time on site and costs. Our A1 fire-rated Brickboard brick slip system is widely used by contractors in the public and private sectors and is one of the most widely-installed brick slip systems in the UK.

Mortars & Adhesives

Our specialist brick slip adhesives and pointing mortars provide flexibility and strength for any brick effect tile project. We offer a range of adhesives and mortars for brick slips, including an A1 fire rated brick slip adhesive called BS-15F.


In our ancillaries section you will find everything you might need for a successful brick tile installation including brick tile backer boards, brick tile insulation boards and the tools needed for installation.


Choose from a selection of different brick or stone styles, to customise your feature wall or commercial building project. Our machine-made brick slips and brick effect tiles can provide a modern, striking finish in a range of different brick formats, including the popular “linear” double length brick slip format. For a more traditional feel, handmade brick slips give that reclamation brick effect and come in a range of heritage brick styles.

Brick Tiles (Brick Slips)

Brick effect tiles, or brick slips, are thin bricks made in the same way as full-sized bricks. These are used to create a thinner layer of brick cladding or facade in place of full-size bricks. They are a simple and cost-effective way of replicating the elegance of a real clay brick finish.

The Brick Slip Co. supplies brick tiles and all related components of brick slip systems. This includes insulated and fireproof backing boards for commercial brick tiling systems that are used in modular and ICF-type construction projects as well as by the main construction sector and DIY installers.

We have supplied brick slips and systems for hundreds of projects across the UK, from simple domestic feature walls to large public sector projects such as schools and hospitals.

Brick Slip systems for the construction industry

We provide complete brick slip systems to developers and contractors in the construction industry to meet the demand for an A1 fire-rated brick slip finish that can be used with all methods of construction. Our A1 Brickboard system can be combined with BBA approved insulation and mounting systems. Our ThermClad insulated brick slip system can also be offered as a full system or as individual components to meet the need for an insulated brick facade.

The Brick Slip Co. is the retail division of Pilgrim Construction Solutions Ltd. 

Visit the Pilgrim website for the full range of brick slip solutions and for quotes on larger projects

Brick Slip systems for the construction industry

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