Brick Slip Systems

Brick slip systems are often used in modern construction to provide a complete brick façade that can be installed to a wide variety of substrates. They are able to reduce overall build schedules and allow for a cleaner site with less storage and handling requirements than regular bricks would require. A major advantage of our brick slip systems is that they can be installed “in-factory” when used with modular or offsite type construction methods.

ThermClad (TM) – Insulated Brick Slip System

ThermClad is an insulated brick slip system based on an XPS backing board which provides both insulation and a precision track for installing the brick slips. It is widely used in the modular construction sector and also as an effective insulation measure for renovation and retrofit projects


BrickShield – A1 Fire Rated Brick Slip System

BrickShield is an A1 fire rated brick slip system based on a rigid fibre cement backing board. It provides a low-cost and simple to use classic brick slip finish and is commonly used in the modular construction sector and in cases where A1 fire rating is required


ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) Brick Slip System

The ThermClad 35mm brick slip system is ideally adapted to ICF type construction projects and is designed to be fixed directly through to the internal webbing of any such system. It is compatible with ICF systems such as Nudura, Sunbloc, Uniblock etc.

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