Delivery Policy

Brick slips are boxed and delivered by courier service which normally takes 2 days. It should be noted that once the boxes leave our warehouse, we have no control over the speed with which they are delivered and sadly cannot offer timed delivery slots.

With the rapidly rising cost of fuel in the UK, we, like every other manufacturer and distributor are at the mercy of regular price hikes from the logistics and haulage industries. We have reduced our margins to keep these as reasonable as possible and will continue to monitor all such costs.

If you have an order for more than 5m2 worth of brick slips, this will be shipped by pallet through the national pallet delivery network rather than by a courier. Pallets are delivered to your driveway or kerbside if there is no driveway and it is your responsibility to store the products safely as ownership passes to you at the point of delivery.

We are always happy to listen to our customers and invite you to call us on 01795-385778 for the best prices on delivery to your specific address

Free Delivery

Our free delivery offer works like this: If you need samples before placing a full order, place a sample order and pay just the delivery cost for the samples. When you place your full order, the sample cost will be deducted from the full order total.

We’ll bend over backwards to accommodate you 😉

Peter Griffiths – Customer Service
Talking is great...give us a call.... 01795-385778

Want to check on stock or need some help working out quantities?  We can help with all of that :)

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